Mount Hope Catholic Cemetery


Gate Hours

Please note that the pedestrian gate on Bayview Avenue is open from 8:00 am to 4:20 pm daily.


In 1900, Mount Hope Catholic Cemetery opened its gates to care for the growing Catholic community of Toronto. Over the next century Mount Hope Catholic Cemetery became the resting place for many Catholics who shaped and built our city, leaders in culture, arts, government, entertainment, scholarship, sports and the Church.  The collection of unique family mausoleums and monuments that stand among the great natural beauty of mature trees and shrubbery speak of their faith. As the needs of the Catholic community have evolved so has Mount Hope Catholic Cemetery. Rich in heritage, it continues to be a hidden gem in the heart of Toronto providing both ground and cremation burial options. With thoughtful pre-planning and interest -free payments, you can secure your final resting place today for you and your family.


Graves & Monument Lots


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