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Assumption Catholic Cemetery, Mississauga


About Assumption Catholic Cemetery

Consecrated to God in 1968 and dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary, Assumption Catholic Cemetery serves the people and parishes of Mississauga, Brampton, Etobicoke and surrounding area. 
Upon entering the main gates, we are greeted by the statue of Our Lady Assumed into Heaven reminding us that, like Mary, we will all one day be joined with her and our loved ones with God in heaven. Flanked by two angels, this prayerful feature overlooking the pond offers a sense of serenity to visitors. 
Reflecting the mosaic that is our Archdiocese, Assumption Catholic Cemetery boasts many shrine sections dedicated to our ethnic communities.  The cemetery offers a choice of burial options, including graves permitting a flat bronze marker and lots that permit upright monuments in addition to cremation and mausoleum burial choices.
In 2004, a piece of the Catholic history of the Archdiocese was restored when the relocated site of Elmbank Cemetery, home for the area’s Irish Pioneers for 100 years, was rededicated at Assumption Catholic Cemetery. 
Mausoleum entombment is an ancient yet also a modern method of laying our loved ones to rest. Our Lady of Fatima Mausoleum offers the comfort and solace of above-ground burial. This prayerful building expresses our Catholic faith and our devotion to the Blessed Mother. The prominent feature is a stunning mosaic depicting Our Lady’s appearance at Fatima. 
Our Lady of Fatima Mausoleum features the ageless beauty and durability of granite crypt fronts for casket burial. Granite and glass front niches where urns may be placed are located throughout the building. The mausoleum is accessible for prayer and visitation year-round, climate controlled and wheelchair accessible. Restrooms are provided for your comfort. 

Introducing our funeral home at Assumption Catholic Cemetery

Introducing Catholic Cremation Services, our funeral home for Catholics choosing cremation. More than 50 years ago, the Catholic Church introduced the opportunity for Catholics to choose cremation as part of the funeral and burial tradition. Within the Archdiocese of Toronto, Catholic Cemeteries & Funeral Services has the responsibility to provide cemetery and funeral services to our Catholic faithful along with the proper celebration of Catholic Funeral Rites and the Order of Christian Funerals. Catholic Cremation Services exists to provide guidance, support and funeral services when one is considering a cremation funeral. Call us today at (905) 670-8801 for more information.

Assumption Catholic Cemetery administers the following cemeteries:
Mount Peace Catholic Cemetery (Mississauga)
St. Joseph’s Catholic Cemetery (Streetsville)
St. Mary’s Catholic Cemetery (Brampton) 
St. Mary’s Catholic Cemetery (Port Credit)
Cemetery office hours are from Monday to Saturday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. To serve you better a cemetery counsellor can be available weekday evenings by request and subject to availability.
Join us to pray the rosary on the last Saturday of the month at 3:00 PM in Our Lady of Fatima mausoleum chapel. We pray the rosary every Saturday in the month of May at 3:00 PM. 
History of Elmbank Cemetery
In the early 1830′s, in response to the growing number of Catholic families in the Malton area (Toronto Township) a church mission was established on the land between the Fifth Line and the Banks of Etobicoke Creek Tributary.
The faithful had come to farm the fertile soil that they found in Toronto Townships and to raise their families in the peace and freedom of this new land.
These pioneers came primarily from Ireland but also from England, France, Germany and Austria.
Father Edward Gordon based at St. Paul’s Parish in Toronto, served the Catholic farming population by traveling from community to community and built the first wooden Church on the mission site.
In 1837, for the sum of five shillings, two acres of land were purchased from Bernard and John McGuire for the use of “a Church, graveyard and presbytery”. This was the customary set up for 19th century Catholic Missions.
Father Gordon was succeeded by Father Peter Polin who served the community until his sudden death on April 8, 1837. Father Polin was buried under the altar of the first mission church.
Father Eugene O’Reilly then took on the rural ministry until 1856. The first mention of a rectory is the construction of “a priest’s house at the Fifth line” by Father McNulty in 1856. This Rectory was also lived in by Fr. Flannery from 1861-1866.
For over 60 years the mission church was a vibrant centre for the Catholic Community. In the 1850’s over 400 faithful attended Mass regularly. The first Confirmation at Elmbank was celebrated in 1835 by Bishop Remi Gautin. Bishop Michael Power also visited the mission in its early years.
In its close to 100 year existence the mission was known by several names: the Fifth Line Church, Elmbank, St. Bernard’s, St. Patrick’s, St. Kevin’s, St. Peter’s and Sacred Heart of Jesus.
In 1885 the wooden Church was replaced by a red brick building under the direction of Father Edward Cassidy and consecrated by Bishop J. J. Lynch.
The Cemetery situated next to the Church grew naturally with time. In the 1930’s it was recorded that there were upwards of 300 graves in the Cemetery.
At the turn of the century the missions population began to decline. There are no records of mass being celebrated after 1915. In time the Church and Rectory were dismantled leaving only the Cemetery. Families continued to use the Cemetery until 1937.
In 1938 the land was purchased by the Toronto Harbour Commission for the new airport. The Cemetery remained untouched until 1991 when the needs of the airport necessitated its consideration for re-location.
After prayer and discernment it was finally decided in 2000 to move the remains of the faithful and re-locate them in a distinct area of nearby Assumption Cemetery in Mississauga.
On August 27, 2000, a final mass was celebrated at the Old site.
This new home for the faithful departed of the Elmbank Mission will stand as an everlasting remembrance of the lives of our earliest Catholic ancestors .
May they rest in Peace.

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Need Immediate Help?

If a death has occurred and you need immediate assistance, please call Holy Cross Catholic Funeral Home at 905-889-7467, and press 2 when prompted. To reach our cremation funeral home, Catholic Cremation Services, please call 905-670-8801 and press 2 when prompted. Our phones are answered 24 hours a day.