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Operating By-Laws


Ever since the Sacred Body of our Crucified Saviour was reverently laid in the tomb, there to await the hour of its glorious Resurrection, the Church has been most solicitous to surround the burial of those who hope to rise with Christ in an atmosphere of deep Christian faith and profound reverence. In the Funeral Mass and burial prayers, the Church gives voice to her belief in the Christian doctrines of the Resurrection of the body, the Communion of Saints and Life Everlasting; but as a further seal and symbol of that faith she sets apart and solemnly blesses the place in which the bodies of her faithful departed await the day of Resurrection. In the very earliest days, Mother Church found it necessary to make By-Laws which would protect the sacred places and relics laid therein. She could not and would not allow anything within the holy precincts which would desecrate them, lessen their beauty or bring dishonour to the dead. To ensure the sacred character of those Cemeteries owned by Catholic Cemeteries & Funeral Services – Archdiocese of Toronto, in accord with the mind and traditional practices of the Church, and to establish and maintain good order, the following By-Laws are in effect. Catholic Cemeteries & Funeral Services – Archdiocese of Toronto is operated solely for the benefit of the Catholic public in association with and under the patronage of the Archbishop of Toronto. For the protection and benefit of the Interment  Rights Holders in the Cemeteries of the Archdiocese of Toronto, Catholic Cemeteries & Funeral Services – Archdiocese of Toronto hereby adopts the following By-Laws. All Interment Rights Holders and persons within any Cemetery, and all lots, shall be subject to the said By-Laws and such amendments or alterations thereof or additions thereto as shall be adopted by Catholic Cemeteries & Funeral Services – Archdiocese of Toronto from time to time; and reference to these By-Laws in the document granting the right of interment shall have the same force and effect as if set forth in full therein.

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