A Guide to Burying the Dead and Grieving Well

The Canadian Council of Catholic Bishops has recently produced the guide, Burying the Dead, Grieving Well: A Guide for Catholics on Bodily Disposition and Grief. A presentation on the Church’s teaching regarding the treatment of the body of the deceased (i.e., “bodily disposition”) from the perspective of bereavement ministry.

Addressed to the faithful at large and to all people of good will, the Guide reflects on how we treat the bodies of the deceased and how we live out our grief when faced with the death of a loved one. It deals with death and the various forms of bodily disposition, as well as the Catholic liturgical and pastoral practices that accompany the grieving process.

We hope it will be useful for families and friends dealing with the loss of a loved one, and those who welcome and accompany the bereaved, as well as for those in the funeral industry who take the religious dimension into account.


Download Guide PDF (2.4 MB)