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Mount Hope Catholic Cemetery, Toronto


About Mount Hope Catholic Cemetery

A Part of Our History  A Part of Our Future
In 1900, Mount Hope Catholic Cemetery opened its gates to care for the growing Catholic community of Toronto. Over the next century Mount Hope Catholic Cemetery became the resting place for many Catholics who shaped and built our city, leaders in culture, arts, government, entertainment, scholarship, sports and the Church.  Many of the religious orders who contributed to the formation of the early Church in Toronto also rest here. The collection of unique family mausoleums and monuments that stand among the great natural beauty of mature trees and shrubbery speak of their faith. 
As the needs of the Catholic community have evolved so has Mount Hope Catholic Cemetery. Rich in heritage, it continues to be a hidden gem in the heart of Toronto providing both ground and cremation burial options.
In our Catholic tradition, cremation commands the same dignity and respect as full body burial. One of the decisions that families face when cremation is selected is how to proceed with placement of the cremated remains once the process of cremation is completed. This means placement in a worthy container, and all who handle them should do so with care and reverence until final burial.
Mount Hope Catholic Cemetery offers columbaria niche burial for families who have selected cremation. The Holy Rosary Columbarium Garden is a free-standing columbaria, which was blessed by Most Reverend M. Pearse Lacey. These beautifully sculptured columbaria contain cremation niche spaces where urns may be placed. A bronze plaque with a photo may be attached to the niche to memorialize the deceased.
Cemetery office hours are from Monday to Saturday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. To serve you better a cemetery counsellor can be available weekday evenings by request and subject to availability.
Please note that the Bayview Avenue pedestrian gate at Mount Hope Cemetery is opened at 8:30am and closed at 4:30pm.

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Need Immediate Help?

If a death has occurred and you need immediate assistance, please call Holy Cross Catholic Funeral Home at 905-889-7467, and press 2 when prompted. To reach our cremation funeral home, Catholic Cremation Services, please call 905-670-8801 and press 2 when prompted. Our phones are answered 24 hours a day.