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Catholic Cremation Services

Introducing Catholic Cremation Services

Introducing Catholic Cremation Services, our funeral home for Catholics choosing cremation. More than 50 years ago, the Catholic Church introduced the opportunity for Catholics to choose cremation as part of the funeral and burial tradition. Within the Archdiocese of Toronto, Catholic Cemeteries & Funeral Services has the responsibility to provide cemetery and funeral services to our Catholic faithful along with the proper celebration of Catholic Funeral Rites and the Order of Christian Funerals. Catholic Cremation Services exists to provide guidance, support and funeral services when one is considering a cremation funeral. Call us today at (905) 670-8801 for more information.


Your Complete Catholic Cremation Resource

At Catholic Cremation Services, families can arrange all of their funeral, cremation and burial needs in one convenient location. This expansion of our ministry allows us to completely serve and care for every individual and family when a loved one has been called home to God. 
A family coming to Catholic Cremation Services will have every opportunity to receive accurate information regarding all the important decisions and choices that concern a cremation funeral and burial. Careful consideration has been given to offer options that will suit all budgets, traditions and needs. No matter how simple or elaborate your wishes, we are here to serve you and your family. From direct cremation to a traditional cremation funeral with visitation and reception, we provide the highest level of professionalism and service that you have come to expect from Catholic Cemeteries & Funeral Services.
We are committed to doing everything possible to help you and your family plan for the funeral or memorial of your loved one. We will do this with the highest level of professionalism and dignity for the living and the deceased.
Catholic Cremation Services offers a space for visitation and liturgy in our Chapel.  Our reception facilities are a welcoming environment for families to gather and share fellowship. We can provide a wide variety of hot or cold catering options that can fit any budget. 


What Liturgy is involved in Cremation?

Cremation has been an acceptable option for Catholics since 1963. First and foremost is the fact that cremated remains receive the same respect given to the corporeal body. “We are created in God’s image.” This image is to be respected. This means a full liturgy of Christian burial carried out whenever possible. These rites include a visitation, a funeral Mass and a burial in a Catholic Cemetery. At Catholic Cremation Services we will assist you in celebrating the most important rituals that are part of the Catholic tradition. Our Conventional offering means the funeral Mass or service takes place in your parish, or a funeral service in our chapel, prior to cremation, whereas our Alternative offering means all services take place after cremation. Direct cremation is also available if requested. 
Catholic Cremation Services provides support from our licenced funeral directors 24 hours a day, 7-days a week, comfortable spaces to welcome family and friends for visitation, Mass at your parish or prayers in our chapel and the committal service at a Catholic cemetery.  
Also available is a wide selection of cremation caskets/containers and urns, a selection of remembrance packages (personalized Register book, memorial video, prayer cards and acknowledgement stationary,) floral arrangements and catering for a reception with your family and friends. 


Cremation Burial Options

We offer a variety of choices for cremation, all of them in keeping with the requirements of the Church. 
All of our Catholic cemeteries have graves for the burial of cremated remains, as well as outdoor and/or indoor niches for the placement of cremation urns.
Cremation Columbaria: Many of our cemeteries feature free standing columbaria thoughtfully located in areas that allow for prayer and visitation, Columbaria are granite structures, with niches where urns with cremated remains may be placed. A bronze plaque and a memorial ceramic photo is attached to the niche to memorialize a loved one.    
Cremation Niches are available in all of our mausoleums. Marble, granite as well as glass front niches are available in either single or double spaces.
Cremation Grave or Family Lots are another option for those choosing ground burials of cremated remains.
Memorial Urns are available for purchase at all of our locations. We offer the finest selection of urns in a variety of unique colours, materials and designs. Cultured marble, cast bronze, artisan metal or mahogany are a sample of the types of urns that are available. Both single and companion urns are available.

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Need Immediate Help?

If a death has occurred and you need immediate assistance, please call Holy Cross Catholic Funeral Home at 905-889-7467, and press 2 when prompted. To reach our cremation funeral home, Catholic Cremation Services, please call 905-670-8801 and press 2 when prompted. Our phones are answered 24 hours a day.