Monuments & Markers


Catholic Cemeteries & Funeral Services offer a large variety of memorialization options for our faith community. Each memorial is uniquely designed based on your preferences and serves as a reflection and tribute to the individual’s life.

Whether you choose a solid bronze flat marker or a granite monument, each memorial is uniquely designed. Every family can choose from a wide variety of religious signs and symbols that will distinctly reflect a person’s life.  All of our monuments are made using the finest granite and the highest level of old world craftsmanship blended with new world technology. Durable porcelain photos are also available to further personalize the memorial.

Our monuments are completed with care and quick delivery times. You are able to have a personalized memorial at the grave in the shortest period of time possible, making it easier for loved ones to locate a grave and pay their respects.

Our Family Counsellors are ready to assist each family to ensure that every memorial is personal, adorned with symbols of our faith and serves as a lasting identification of a loved one’s place of rest in perpetuity. All of our monuments come with a lifetime warranty.