elevated Ipb5v 1927 – 2020

elevated Ipb5v Domenico Barbalinardo entered into eternal rest on June 13, 2020, in Toronto, just 2 weeks before his 93rd birthday.

elevated Ipb5v Domenico was born in Pisticci, Italy on June 26, 1927, the son of Pasqualina Percaccia and Nicola Barbalinardo.  Domenico grew up in Pisticci with his three older sisters Carmalena Monte, Teresa Perrine and Yolanda Suglio and his younger brother Francesco (Frank Bernardo).

elevated Ipb5v Domenico was a blacksmith in Italy before moving to Canada and becoming a maintenance mechanic.  If it was broken, Domenico could fix it.  He was a true do-it-yourselfer who had many talents: woodwork, ironwork, stained glass work and most recently painting in art classes.  If Domenico was not in his workshop, he could be found in his garden, where he grafted fruit trees and grew many trees, fruits and vegetables.

elevated Ipb5v Domenico Barbalinardo married Maria Teresa on December 22, 1949 in Pisticci, where their first daughter, Pasqualina was born.  Domenico, Teresa and Pasqualina moved from Pisticci, Italy to Toronto, Ontario, Canada in the early 1950’s where they raised their family of four daughters and one son.

elevated Ipb5v Domenico was married to Maria Teresa for over 70 years.  Maria Teresa preceded Domenico in death by only ten days, after their life-long marriage.  Domenico is survived by his younger brother Frank.  His three sisters preceded him in death.

elevated Ipb5v Domenico was the loving father of his five caring children and their spouses:  

elevated Ipb5v Pasqualina Saverino married to Attilio Saverino

elevated Ipb5v Maria Caterina Kieffer married to Campbell Kieffer

elevated Ipb5v Anna Bernard married to Edward Alan Bernard

elevated Ipb5v Assunta Snyder married to Stewart Snyder

elevated Ipb5v Nicola Barbalinardo married to Maureen Barbalinardo

elevated Ipb5v Domenico was proud of his 13 affectionate grandchildren and spouses:

elevated Ipb5v Domenico Saverino married to Nada D’Aquilante, Giulia Saverino married to Ugolino Sdao, Anna Maria Giansante married to Agostino Giansante, Jason Kieffer married to Mairi Grieg, John Michael Kieffer, Matthew Kieffer married to Thea Trussoni, Elliott Sean Bernard, Selina Marie Puente married to Alexander Puente, Christopher Snyder married to Jessie Dobson-Snyder, David Snyder, Michael Barbalinardo married to Danielle Barbalinardo, Colleen Barbalinardo and Allison Barbalinardo.

elevated Ipb5v Domenico is survived by his cherished great-grandchildren:

elevated Ipb5v Cristina Patricia Saverino, Marco Attilio Saverino, Sofia Laura Sdao, Daniel Giansante, Matthew Giansante, Lucas Giansante, Rudy Kieffer, Isabel Kieffer, Wyatt Alexander Puente, and Alanyna Kristine Puente

elevated Ipb5v The funeral will be held on at Blessed Trinity Parish in North York. Please contact Nicola if you wish to attend. Entombment will immediately follow at Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery. There will be not visitation (except limited immediate family) due to COVID-19 restrictions.

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