elevated gMuFM July 7, 1940  – September 29, 2021

 A Private Funeral Mass will be held in the Chapel of St. Joseph within the Funeral Home on Friday October 1, 2021 at 1:30 pm. If you wish to view the Mass, please click on the Link below at the Mass time.  

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elevated gMuFM Gene loved to entertain visitors, he was never happier sitting on the patio in the summer time with visitors making them laugh with his funny stories. He went out of his way for the overseas visitors, his only restriction was that overseas visitors were only permitted one trip to Niagra Falls. Over the years he made endless trips to and from the airport collecting the many overseas and out of town visitors. Although born in Ireland and maintaining a strong attachment to his birth-country and family there, he embraced Canada, he would often say, “this is my country”. He never failed to display the Maple leaf flag to celebrate Canada Day. Gene loved celebrating birthdays, the bigger the birthday cake the better to satisfy his sweet tooth. And finally a word about his love of cats, nothing was more important than keeping them happy with cat treats. And also his love of all wild life, the chipmunk that climb on his knee to feast on peanuts, the special raccoon he hand fed, the visiting possum and even the skunk, the hundreds of sparrows on the bird feeder, the robins cardinals and blue jays, he loved all the back yard wildlife. They will miss him just as much as we will. Gene never missed a weekly mass and his daily time relaxing with his rosary beads, religion was his strength and foundation.

elevated gMuFM In Eugene’s memory, donation to St. Rosa of Lima Parish would be appreciated.

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