elevated XtsxV It is with heavy hearts we announce the passing of Lutz Wiechmann on January 11, 2021 at the age of 81 surrounded by his family. Devoted husband to Cynthia for 23 years. Loving father to Michelle Clarke, cherished grandfather to Haley and Stephanie, beloved brother to Claus (deceased), and Knud (Eira). Lutz loved his dogs Chili, Max, and Emma, he will be greatly missed by all his friends and family.

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elevated XtsxV In light of the current COVID 19 Pandemic, the family will be having a private family Funeral Service at Blessed Trinity Parish on Wednesday January 13, 2021. To watch the Service live please click the link below and follow the instructions listed below it. 

elevated XtsxV https://blessedtrinityto.archtoronto.org/

elevated XtsxV This will take you to their webpage.  When you get there click on the “live streaming” button.  The video will go live about 15 min before your funeral. 

elevated XtsxV  A few notes:

elevated XtsxV *when you send the link, suggest folks go on at least 15 minutes before the start time.  It takes a few minutes to establish a connection and for the video to launch

elevated XtsxV *when the video launches ask them to hover their mouse over the lower left hand part of the screen… there they will see a small speaker with an X beside it.  Click on the speaker to enable the sound (the X will disappear)

elevated XtsxV * Click on the box on the far-right hand side of the video (“full screen”) and the picture will fill your entire screen

elevated XtsxV *the volume of the sound is controlled from the computer/device they are on.  They may need to increase the volume on their computer / device to hear things properly.   

elevated XtsxV *A computer is the best way to watch the broadcast.  Cell phones and ipads do work – marginally, but (especially) older models can sometimes have limited or outdated technology that doesn’t always handle the sizable data that comes in with both audio and video broadcasting. A very old computer can also have these issues…

elevated XtsxV Also – we are broadcasting this over the internet, a system that has seen an incredible increase in use given the pandemic challenges. Potential streaming delays, frozen frames and so on do happen on occasion and unfortunately, we have no control over these situations.  Fortunately, they have been minimal, but we wanted you to be aware.

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