elevated zrxdN October 1, 1939 – March 27, 2020

elevated zrxdN All Funeral Service are Private

elevated zrxdN I’ll miss you Papa Fresco – full of life and energy. Passion for the world and our family. You made sure every day was a joy to wake up to in my life. You made every festa better. Food, music, bocce, soccer. Games. Boyish and playful. You lived life to your fullest and experienced fully all the things that makes us truly human. Heart on your sleeve. Gardening like it was your full time job. Greens everywhere. Spending a year to grow a couple figs in canada because fresh from the tree there is nothing like it. You’re Nico’s favourite. Saturday? Go to work. 14 hour days. What is this manicomio. The fist pumps you gave when you found out Christina was having a boy. Climbing trees in your mid 70s cause in Sicily how else you going to get to the best carruba. Busting out the accordion. Historia De Un Amor. La dolce vita. Always thinking of your children. Helped me get off my feet and ready for the world. Louder than you need to be but just right. Spinach for breakfast. Going to the market. Clean clean clean! Do things right the first time. Always willing to help. Keep busy. Renovating bathrooms before it was cool. Wonderful husband. Nothing but true love for your sisters. Fullest smile. Still you don’t understand. You’ll see. Celebrating a goal I scored. No one could whistle louder. Bastarduna for dessert. What have you been eating? Minchia. Go to University. Never stop learning. Preaching like Cicero. Don’t cheat anyone. Why’s it so cold here you can’t even grow a lemon tree. You should try the ones in Sicily. Running down the stairs yelling to teach me about tech tonic plates. The world is amazing. Fantastic. Beautiful. Canada is the best country. Be fair to everyone. 

elevated zrxdN I’ll miss you and I love you. Thank you for being my papa.