Sharing Our Faith, Understanding Your Loss (V2)

If a death has occurred and you need immediate assistance, please call Holy Cross Catholic Funeral Home at:


To reach our Funeral Home at Assumption Catholic Cemetery, Catholic Cremation Services, please call:


(Phones answered 24/7)

At a time of sorrow, it helps to turn to those whose very essence is about the promise of everlasting life. This is why we are there for every Catholic family assuring the sacred rites of a Christian funeral are faithfully fulfilled.

Following your consultation with the funeral director, it is understandable that you may seek clarity on the subsequent procedures. The information provided herein will elucidate the forthcoming steps and what you can anticipate, contingent upon the location of the passing.

Death at Home

Unexpected: Call 911. A coroner will come to issue a death certificate. After that, ring up the funeral home to figure out the next steps, like moving the body. If there’s an autopsy, the body goes to the coroner’s office. Just give the funeral home the coroner’s details, and they’ll handle the transfer once the certificate is ready.

Expected: Follow the doctor’s instructions if you have them, or call 911. The coroner will still need to issue a certificate. Then, get in touch with the funeral home for the body transfer.

For what comes next, like burial or cremation, the funeral rep will walk you through your choices and help you decide.

Death Outside of Home

In the event of a death at a hospital or nursing home, the staff will promptly secure a doctor or coroner to issue a death certificate. You will be notified of the appropriate time to engage with a funeral centre for the transfer of the deceased and to deliberate subsequent arrangements.

Death Outside Ontario

Should a death occur outside of Ontario, registration must take place in the jurisdiction of occurrence. Typically, a local physician will authorize the death certificate and initiate preparations for repatriation.

Repatriation Process:
Local hospitals may suggest a funeral home to facilitate the repatriation. Alternatively, you may elect to coordinate with a funeral home in your locality to manage the arrangements and guarantee the safe return of the deceased.

In Exceptional Circumstances:
For those abroad and encountering challenges with these processes, assistance is available through the closest Canadian Consulate.