elevated a8rTH November 1, 1925 – December 18, 2020

elevated a8rTH Peacefully at Villa Colombo, Toronto, on December 18, 2020 at the age of 95, God reached out and received his spirit.  He now joins his wife Maria (nee Cappello) with our Lord.

elevated a8rTH He will be sadly missed by his 7 children and their families.  Jim (Julie), Salvatore (Marisa), Vita (James) Hurley, Ross (Evie), Joseph (Cris), John (Cheryl) and Caterina (Ray) Cormier.  His 16 grandchildren, Alexander, Violet (Joseph) Carpio, Anthony (Jessika), Daniella, Clint, Glenn, Kellie, Nicholas, Daniel, Angelina, Richard, Sebastian, Liana, Tony, Cecilia and Rocco and his 2 great-grandchildren Aurelio and Jericho are sure that their Nonno will watch over them.  

elevated a8rTH Antonino was predeceased by his 5 siblings.  Antonietta (Giuseppe) Spatafora, Erasmo (Ida), Giovanni (Rosa), Vincenzo (Santina), Frank (Antonietta).  Antonino is fondly remembered by his many nieces, nephews, cousins and friends.

elevated a8rTH Sincere thanks to the doctors, nurses, PSW’s and support staff of Villa Colombo – 2nd Floor Fidani Wing for their excellent care and compassion.

elevated a8rTH In lieu of flowers, in memory of Antonino, donations may be made to Villa Charities  http://www.villacharities.com/antoninoaguanno

elevated a8rTH Due to Covid 19 restrictions there will be a private funeral service on Wednesday, December 23, 2020 at 12:00 pm.  Click on the link below to view the service.


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elevated a8rTH Memories of Antonino

elevated a8rTH Antonino left his hometown, Vita, Italy, for Canada in 1953 as a young man looking for better opportunities.  He made Toronto his new home and began working the very next day after arriving.  Soon after he attended night school to learn to speak, read and write English, a skill that would serve him well.  In the next few years, he worked in various jobs and quickly saved enough to buy his first car.

elevated a8rTH In 1957 he was joined in Canada by his fiancé Maria and they were married 2 months later on September 25.   Their first child was born 2 years later followed by 6 more over the next 12 years.  Antonino regularly worked 10-hour days to support his growing family and loved every moment of it.  He became a self-taught carpenter in the days when the only way to work with a 2 by 4 was a handsaw and a hammer.  He would boast “you only need to hit the nail 3 times, once to set it, once to drive it in and once more to set it flush”.   He prided himself in building perfectly plumb walls and doorways and perfectly pitched roofs “by eye”.   His pride for his work allowed him to work long hours spring, summer, fall and winter.

elevated a8rTH His wife Maria made sure the kids had a light snack after school so the whole family would be able to enjoy dinner together with Antonino after his long workdays on the construction site.  After dinner he still had the energy to help the children with homework and he particularly enjoyed when the children practiced their reading.  He encouraged his children to understand the value of education and attended every parent-teacher interview.

elevated a8rTH Summertime was particularly fun as Sunday afternoons would be picnic day at nearby Taylor Creek Park, where he would run and play soccer with the kids.  And the highlight of most summers would be the family one-day “vacation” to Niagara Falls.

elevated a8rTH Even in his modest home in East York area of Toronto with a large family, he still offered his house as a steppingstone for relatives to stay as they immigrated to Canada.   With his English skills, he helped them apply for jobs, set up bank accounts and find homes.  On Saturdays, his day off, he regularly helped a relative or friend fix their front porch, build a backyard shed or mix cement to build walkways.  After building a friend’s shed, he typically stood back, proud of his accomplishment, and would exclaim “you know, that shed is never going to fall down”.

elevated a8rTH He was extremely proud of all his children as they all grew up and took their turn getting married and starting their own families.  He welcomed every daughter-in-law and son-in-law into the family and expressed great joy at each grandchild’s birth – all sixteen of them, and 2 great-grand children.  Antonino loved to dance and was so delighted that he had the opportunity to dance at the 2 grandchildren’s weddings that have married.

elevated a8rTH Antonino retired from his carpentry career at 65 but continued his “backyard shed” building for many years.  He helped each of his kids renovate their basements or other parts of their homes.  Antonino did not put down his carpentry hammer until well into his 80’s.  One year he gathered all his sons, sons-in-law and a few of the older grandsons and told them he needed some help to replace the roof on his house.  Well they all showed up to work a long day, but the one who did the most work, climbed up and down the ladder carrying the most shingles was 80-year old Antonino.

elevated a8rTH It was evident that Antonino’s main love was his family.  He also enjoyed growing his vegetable garden.  He was able to grow so many tomatoes, zucchini and green beans in that tiny backyard garden and then later in the local community garden.  When his children married and bought their homes, he would plant their vegetable gardens too.  

elevated a8rTH Although Antonino lost his beloved wife, Maria, much too early, he managed to be self-sufficient for many years after.  His 70’s and early 80’s saw him vacation in Cuba a few times and also drive to Florida for a friend’s anniversary.  However, in 2011, at 86 years old he decided to sell the family home that he and Maria had purchased in 1962 saying that it was becoming too much work.  He moved to a one-bedroom apartment that was much easier to maintain, and that gave him more time to visit his beloved grandchildren, each one his favourite in a special way.  At age 90 he passed his mandatory driving test and kept driving for 2 more years.  He loved driving, but at age 92 and driving for over 64 years, he decided that it was time to pause that activity also.  Soon after that time the apartment and cooking and cleaning became a chore too and Antonino asked his family to support his wishes to move to a care-home.  He did not want to be a burden to any of his children or their families but did continue to enjoy every birthday celebration and holiday with everyone.  On November 1st this year Antonino celebrated his 95th birthday.  He was thrilled to see all his children and grandchildren assemble in the parking lot outside his Villa Colombo room.  He recognized everyone and understood that the circumstances of the times did not allow us to be close enough to hug.  However, about a month later his health changed (or one can say, “he heard God calling”) and he peacefully left us, as 2 of his sons sat at his bedside.  We entrust Antonino into God’s care.

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