elevated C7eKz October 15, 1927 ~ June 26, 2021

elevated C7eKz Obituary

elevated C7eKz Chi Nin Chan was a caring husband to his late beloved wife (Yuen Yok), loving father to his five sons (Edward, Thomas, Henry, Richard and Samuel ), joyful companion to his grandchildren (Christina, Crystal, Terri, Melissa, Gene, Patrick, Gary, Mario and Martin)  and generous, loyal to his relatives and friends. There was never a dull moment with him sharing special moments with his children, grandchildren and anyone he knew.  

elevated C7eKz Chi Nin Chan had been a dedicated, reliable hard worker as construction Inspector for the government back in Hong Kong till late 80s.  He came to Canada after retirement to enjoy his golden years with his wife and all his children.

elevated C7eKz He had lived a full and active life.  He still drove till few months before he became sick. As you know once drivers past 80, they have to be tested for vision and reviewed driving records every 2 years.  Every time had passed with flying colours.  He also was very good at organizing social events – and I meant mostly Mahjong games. It was a gathering of at least 4 or 5 tables or for 16 to 20 people.  He carefully jotted down seating plan based on their Mahjong skills and temperament.  Believe me that wasn’t easy, for those who know about Mahjong etiquette. Unfortunately, with Covid19 pandemic which has prevented him to continue.  He was greatly missed by his Majong partners.

elevated C7eKz His social planning skill also extended to other gatherings during Chinese New Year eve and Mid-Autumn Festival.  He invited his children and their family and friends to share a luxurious Chinese feast. As much as he loved food, but to him it was more to keep the Chinese custom, cherish the kinship with family and friends. This will be missed greatly by all of us.

elevated C7eKz His zest for life and up beat spirit is admirable. It was difficult for him after the passing of his wife almost 10 years ago.  They were very close and enjoyed each other’s company for the past 60 years.  He continued to live active life.  Enjoyed his daily visit to many of his favourite restaurants for Dim Sum and dinner.  He was treated like VIP by the restaurant owners and servers.  Everyone called him YEAYEA, or grandpa in English. Sure they appreciated his patronage but it’s a reflection on his pleasant, kind and generous character.

elevated C7eKz For more than a year our lives have been altered and somewhat difficult to adjust because of the pandemic.  For Chi Nin who was not able to connect with his friends and mostly Mahjong friends, limited access to his favourite restaurants and chit chatting which would dampen anybody’s spirit. 

elevated C7eKz But, for Chi Nin he was still very hopeful and high spirited.  Though his body was frail and tired, his spirit was full of grateful appreciation to the life he had lived.  A life well lived! Now he can rejoin the love of his life, wife Yuen Yok.

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