elevated ZV49s September 16, 1964 – December 16, 2021

elevated ZV49s Darrel Pugh’s time on earth came to an end in the comfort of his home this December of 2021. Darrel was a vey unique and wonderfully special person. He had a heart bigger than life and is the first to be there for anyone at anytime. Today, we celebrate him and the invaluable gift his life has brought to everyone who knew him.

elevated ZV49s For over a decade, he built a life with his one true love: Teresita. With every opportunity he had with her, Darrel passionately showed his love and appreciation for his wife. Never did he fail to tell her that she was every man’s dream come true. While he adored all of her baked goods, he always bantered with her; saying she was a terrible cook, so that he would always be able to cook for her. Out of their love for one another, they lovingly raised their AMAZING (capitalized as Darrel would) son: Mathew Leslie Pugh.

elevated ZV49s Mathew’s childhood was filed with memories of his dad teaching him how to play golf, teaching him how to cook, watching every movie known to man, and so much more. When they weren’t watching movies, they had passionate, intellectually stimulating conversations about life or building cool toys. All his life Darrel was Mathew’s number 1 fan, in everything that he did and accomplished. Even if he wasn’t sure what the difference was between an MD and a PhD, or why everything in musicals has to be sung, Darrel was the proudest father in every moment of his life with Mathew. From small interests, to education and career accomplishments, Darrel celebrated Mathew. He even built Matthew his own harry potter room, so that he could have a place to collect his favourite things, just like Darrel had a room just for Coca Cola.

elevated ZV49s No-one was a bigger fan of Coca Cola than Darrel (the brand, not the company). Darrel was loved by his colleagues because of his hard work and dedication, but mostly because of his care and compassion for the people around him, and their families.

elevated ZV49s Darrel was always a family oriented man. Every week Darrel and Mathew would visit his Papa Bob for Sunday lunches. They loved talking about cool cars, golf, or food. One of their favourite things to eat were oysters. Every week, he would also call his mom, who he loved so dearly, to ask how she is doing in Newfound land. Darrel was always finding ways to ensure that distance did not affect his ability to show his love for his mom. Even if it meant sending her a laptop or tablet that he didn’t know how to use. For his family, he would do and give anything that he could, to express his love, care and gratefulness.

elevated ZV49s That’s why for his siblings, every gesture he made, small and large, will be cherished forever. To them, he was known as “Dig”.

elevated ZV49s Growing up, Dig and Jeff had a childhood filled with as much laughter and fun, as there was trouble making. Whether it was because Darrel’s gum got stuck in Jeff’s hair, or having to walk a whole 5 miles alone at the age of 7, Dig was Jeff’s partner in crime. Together with Greg, they even tried to play baseball, but Dig mostly ended up making jokes with the coach instead. Darrel’s singing was one of Jeff’s fondest and loudest memories of his brother, especially when he got a hold of Papa Bob’s newest stereo mic. His loud voice and love will continue to echo in his brother’s heart every day.

elevated ZV49s Darrel’s best memories with his big brother Greg and Papa Bob were often surrounded by Golf. Even though Papa Bob would point out all of their shortcomings at every hole, Dig and Greg loved paying gold with their dad. They even played at the Pine hurst golf course at Myrtle Beach, where the best golf players like Tiger Woods, and Bob Pugh (self proclaimed) played.

elevated ZV49s Dig was also very close with Jackie. Growing up, they were inseparable. As a teenager, Dig would even ride his bike for 15 miles just to get to her place. And when he moved back to Canada, he even kept an 8×10 picture of her on his side table. His special bond for Jackie even extended to her daughter, Brittany, whom he loved very much. Without a doubt, Darrel and Jackie’s bond is truly irreplaceable. 

elevated ZV49s Whenever Dig and Cathy had some quiet times together, their conversations were filled with heartfelt conversations that truly showed Darrel’s character. To Cathy and all those who loved him, he was a strong man with a sensitive and compassionate heart. He connected with Cathy in ways that will be missed deeply, but never forgotten, and will remain forever in her heart.

elevated ZV49s Jo will also never forget their bond in playing golf and the way that Darrel was always present for him and his family. His excitement for Jo’s interest in golf brought Darrel running into his hospital, in the middle of the work day, holding a new set of golf clubs in his arms, for his cousin-in-law. Whenever Darrel knew that there was something that his loved one enjoyed, he would always do what he could to bring you that joy. No matter what time of day.

elevated ZV49s If Darrel cared about you, you always held a special place in his heart. So, to Darrel, his friends were his family too. The fragility of his heart was what made Darrel truly so empathetic and loving.

elevated ZV49s Sometimes, that care and love would even manifest in expressively passionate conversations. Or, sometimes, in song. Darrel will always be remembered by Joe through his knowledge and ability to sing his heart out to every song that ever existed. And, of course, Joe will always remember Darrel carrying his dad’s legacy in sharing his tips (often criticisms) for playing golf. But that’s not all – Darrel also loved playing pool. His talent made him a helpful, but vicious opponent, because while he would help you make your shots, he always had his own plan to do his best to take the whole game.

elevated ZV49s Darrel’s watch game and knowledge of cars was definitely one of his best interests though. For years Darrel and Bong, his neighbour and one of his best friends, would talk about cars for hours in their garages almost every single day.  Over coffees or beer, they would dream about the new cars they would get, until they eventually bought the ones they could afford. But what Bong admired even more about Darrel, was his ability to have simple conversations about life and family.

elevated ZV49s Darrel’s loved ones always felt like they could find a home and family in him. For 8 years, he treated Christine like she was his own daughter. Because of Darrel’s unconditional love and support, she was able to find another father figure in him, and has established herself as a self-sufficient professional, soon to be engineer. Their memories of cooking, singing along to 80s music, love of cars, watches, chocolate pudding, and more, will last a lifetime. The way that he did the most for those he cared about will certainly be one of her favourite lessons from Papa Pugh, and a legacy that she will carry, that will outlast his time here on earth.

elevated ZV49s After 57 years on earth, Darrel leaves behind many more relationships and memories filled with love and joy that will be cherished by everyone that knew him and had the pleasure of his company. This Christmas, we celebrate the gift of his life and the impact of his love on ours.  He was truly a blessing for us all and will remain in our hearts forever.

elevated ZV49s We love you, Darrel, and we are so happy that you are now resting in a place filled with peace, love and joy, forever. Thank you for everything that you have ever done for us. We will miss you, but we look forward to the day that we can be with you again. May God bless you, forever and always.

elevated ZV49s Funeral Service
Tuesday, December 28, 2021 at 11:00 am
Due to covid-19 capacity, the funeral service is by invitation only.

elevated ZV49s Interment
Assumption Catholic Cemetery
6933 Tomken Rd, Mississauga, ON L5T1N4

elevated ZV49s