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elevated XYyEn May 27, 1946 – April 8, 2021

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elevated XYyEn It is with extreme sadness that we share the passing of George Ho Fai Wong on Apr 8, 2021 at the age of 74. Beloved father to Gatsby Wong (and Elisa Wong), Jenny Wilson (and Darren Wilson), proud grandfather to Christian Wong and Celeste Wong, loving brother to sister Wan Ping Wong and his other brothers and sisters.

elevated XYyEn The best way to honour and celebrate our father is to share that he possessed and exuded all the best qualities of a Hero and a Warrior.

elevated XYyEn He is, and will always be, our inspiring example of unbelievable determination and quiet persistence. He faced struggles and challenges from a very young age and used every ounce of his selfless resolve to ensure his family had a better life than what he experienced. This meant living in a foreign country, working up to three jobs at a time, and making the impossible possible without any support system.

elevated XYyEn If you were lucky enough to have our Dad in your life or have your paths cross, you know that you could not help but be infected by his love of staying active, happy, and healthy. He had us convinced he could go on forever.

elevated XYyEn Unfortunately, when life was supposed to reward him for making it to retirement, he was not to let down his armour just yet. He was faced with THE battle of his life: leukemia.

elevated XYyEn He used his life experience, and stayed true to his warrior ways, not wasting precious energy on anger and remorse. Instead, he fought fiercely with positive, “I have to do what I have to do” determination.

elevated XYyEn He is our hero because despite his hardships, he managed to stay positive, strong, brave and inspiring.

elevated XYyEn Even when the odds were stacked against him, his sentiments were “What good is being sad…what good is feeling sorry!?!?!”. He made sure to learn, to take something away from any challenge, and to try to make everyone else’s struggle a little less. You could not help but feel love from his actions.

elevated XYyEn You fought like no other!!! We watched…, we listened…, we learned…and we are in a much better position to battle because of you!!! You are our Hero Warrior Dad, we love you so much!!!

elevated XYyEn A private funeral will be held on Apr 17, 2021. Our father loved to help people, if desired, donations can be made to the Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation to help others with their battle.

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elevated XYyEn Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation – https://thepmcf.ca/donate/