elevated gbmaU February 25, 1962 – March 23, 2023

elevated gbmaU Visitation
Sunday, March 26, 2023 from 2 – 4 & 6 – 8 pm  
Holy Cross Catholic Funeral Home
211 Langstaff Road East, Thornhill, ON, L3T 3Z6

elevated gbmaU Funeral Mass
Monday, March 27, 2023, at 1:30 pm
Chapel of St. Joseph, Holy Cross Catholic Funeral Home

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elevated gbmaU Entombment   
Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery
Holy Family Mausoleum

elevated gbmaU Obituary
With great sorrow, the Morra family announce that their beautiful daughter and sister, Gina Morra passed away peacefully following a battle with cancer on March 23rd, 2023 at Michael Garron Hospital.

elevated gbmaU Gina was born to Lucia and Luigi Morra on February 25, 1962, at Wellesley Hospital, Toronto, Ontario. Gina was the baby sister to her brother Carmen (Sipi) her sisters Laura and Pierina, aunt to 9 nieces and nephews, and great aunt to 11 great nieces and nephews.   She was the mommy to her best friend, her dog, Marshall.

elevated gbmaU When her mom was pregnant with Gina, she was told she would probably be having a boy. When Gina was born our father took one look at her and said she was the most beautiful little baby he ever saw!  He named her at that very moment. He called her Gina.  Gina comes from Italian and Greek origin meaning Regina which translates to Queen and Gina was the Queen in the Morra family.

elevated gbmaU Gina wanted to be a teacher growing up but after witnessing her being a very stern playing teacher to her dolls we told her it wasn’t such a good idea! So she went into real estate. Gina was very successful but it really took a toll on her. Not only was it stressful but emotional. Gina would point out all the flaws in a house to her potential buyers. She said she wanted her buyers to buy their dream home and she wanted to be able to sleep at night knowing she did her best for them. Gina was too kind, sincere, and honest to be in a cutthroat business like real estate.

elevated gbmaU Gina had the most beautiful green eyes.  Her smile could light up your soul.  When Gina saw you she would yell out your name and you would both start laughing because only the two of you shared the joke.  Gina made everyone laugh. During our mom’s many medical appointments and eventually her own we took many Ubers.  Gina would greet the drivers in their own language, saying hello, how are you In Italian, Greek, Arabic, Yugoslavia, Punjabi, Sri Lankan, and many more. She would sing a song in Punjabi.   The drivers were amazed and truly touched by the respect she showed them.

elevated gbmaU Gina would drive to Sunnybrook park every day and walk the many trails with Marshall.   When they drove around Gina would sing Oh Canada and Marshall would howl the high notes with her. Many people would take videos. It was such a sweet sight.

elevated gbmaU Gina was so beautiful. Her idol was Audrey Hepburn because she was classy and dressed elegantly and simply. Gina was very critical of her sisters if we didn’t take the time to dress classy and God forbid if we didn’t wear our earrings, necklace, and bracelet. We had to at least put lipstick on. She truly believed in the importance of looking your best. 

elevated gbmaU Gina and Laura took dance lessons. She was fabulous. Many teachers asked if she would consider teaching as she was a natural.   Gina also sang in a band at weddings.   They participated in Battle of the bands and they came in second. She had a  beautiful voice. Gina had stage presence and when she sang and danced you didn’t want the evening to end.

elevated gbmaU Gina’s best moments were spending time with our parents at their farm listening to their many stories of Italy, of them growing up, falling in love, and their journey to Canada.  She wanted to hear all the old stories of our grandparents and relatives.  Gina loved herding the sheep and the lambs with Marshall. She would help our parents make homemade cheese like Ricotta, Parmesan, and mozzarella.

elevated gbmaU Gina loved traveling with our parents to their Florida home spending many hours at the beach.  When Gina was swimming in the ocean you would often hear her yell out loudly papa, mommy and the people on the beach would laugh seeing this 30-year-old still playing like a child with her parents.  Gina enjoyed her many travels to Cuba, Cancun, and Punta Cana. Because of our mom’s illness we were unable to go to Italy and it was her greatest regret. Gina told us not to wait to make our dreams come true and made us promise to go to Italy. 

elevated gbmaU Gina was fierce and loyal. She always defended family, friends, or strangers. She could not tolerate prejudices of any kind or people being mean to one another. Her favourite saying was to be Kind to each other.

elevated gbmaU They say that your siblings are your first best friends and Gina, Carmen, Pierina and I were blessed to have each other. When Gina was born when Laura was 7 years old and our mom put Gina in her arms and said she was Laura’s responsibility. Our parents worked three jobs and we had to raise ourselves. Gina followed Laura everywhere and called her Lala.

elevated gbmaU Carmen would hoist Gina on his young shoulders and walk her a long distance to the babysitter in bitter winters. She was a best friend to our sister Pierina as they were close in age. The four of us with our parents would always sing and dance as Carmen played the accordion.   

elevated gbmaU When Gina was diagnosed with cancer, following the initial shock she was the anchor of the family. Even in the face of her own tragedy Gina remained strong and comforted us. She did all she could to beat cancer but it was too much for her.   She was strong and she would always say “it’s going to be ok”.   Gina had a great sense of humour.  When we were persistent in her taking her meds on time she would say “just five more minutes “ and we would burst out laughing. She said when God was ready to call her she was going to say “just five more minutes”

elevated gbmaU Gina just had a birthday a few weeks ago and she wanted her favourite Italian cake.   Gina always told us what gifts she wanted for her birthdays. When we asked Gina what she wanted this time,  she thought about it and said “ what do you buy someone who is dying “ and burst out laughing and therefore making us laugh. That was Gina. Always making it easy for everyone else.  

elevated gbmaU During the last six months as Pierina and I cared for Gina we spent many nights watching all the game shows such as jeopardy, wheel of fortune and price is right. Whenever Gina got the answer she would yell out “I got that one” but when we got them she would be just as proud. She didn’t have a jealous bone in her body.  

elevated gbmaU Gina was very meticulous in keeping records. She had a file for every item purchased. Gina even had a file for Carmen, Laura, and Pierina. Whenever we said something she didn’t agree with and she wanted to remind us later, she would say “I am going to add that to your file “ and she really did!

elevated gbmaU Gina was our heart.  I don’t know how we are going to resume life after Gina.  Gina, we will remember your bright smile and kind soul.  You were our gift from heaven.  Although we will miss our baby sister we know she is in a better place. When Gina was feeling pain she asked us to let her go. She just wanted peace. Our sister lived a wholesome life despite the many challenges.   Gina said she wanted to be with our lord and our mom.  She said mommy always made her laugh . Gina and our mom had the most rambunctious laugh and you can hear them far away. I know they will be laughing loud in heaven and they are going to be dancing, singing with our relatives.

elevated gbmaU Grief is the deepest and purest form of love and we are experiencing a lot of grief and pain now.  Gina, you earned your wings and you will always be our Angel. Gina, rest in peace. We love you so much and you are already tremendously missed by Dad, Carmen, Laura, Pierina, family, friends, and Marshall. 

elevated gbmaU In lieu of flowers donations may be made to Hospital for Sick Children.