elevated n1CiC Today we celebrate the life of our beloved Dad Giuseppe who passed away peacefully on December 3, 2021.

elevated n1CiC Born in 1934 in Lioni, Avellino, he was one of eight children born to Carlo and Elisabetta Di Conza.

elevated n1CiC Looking at old pictures of our Dad, (and remarkably there were tons) you would never have known about his humble beginnings. He took great care and pride in his appearance. He had movie star good looks and loved his cuffed jeans, Cary Grant dress pants, stylish hats and aviator sun glasses. But he only had eyes for our Mom, Margherita. He often told us about their early courtship and how another boy suitor had planned a dance party and invited our Mom but not our Dad. Bad mistake. With the help of his buddy, they disconnected the power to the house. No more dance party and more importantly no more suitor. He got the message. To the seal the deal, our Dad convinced our Mom to elope. How romantic! Our Dad loved our Mom more than anything.

elevated n1CiC He also loved the Leafs! He rarely missed a game. For years he promised to host a big party if the Leafs ever won the Stanley Cup. Knowing the unlikelihood of that happening, we opted to host Leaf game nights for him instead. We all wore our jerseys and the Leafs usually lost.

elevated n1CiC He also loved his kids. We each had a special bond with him that was unique and individual to us. He was happiest when his kids were happy.

elevated n1CiC He welcomed our spouses (Peter, Mario, Dina, Vito and Pino) with open arms and loved them as if they were his own kids.

elevated n1CiC Then the grandchildren came and came….Lisa Marie, Joey, Alexander, Christopher, Stefan, Julia, Cassandra, and Christian and even one great grandchild, Milana. He was also so happy when Robbie and Rifai joined the clan. He was so proud of his ever growing family.

elevated n1CiC He taught us to enjoy life, dance, drink and be merry.

elevated n1CiC Today he joins his brothers Vincenzo and Tonino in heaven enjoying their company over a glass of wine and a game of brisk.

elevated n1CiC Thank you Dad for all you did for our family. We love you and will miss you forever.

elevated n1CiC May You Rest In Peace.

elevated n1CiC Elisabetta, Carlo, Maria and Adriana

elevated n1CiC In lieu of flowers, Memorial Donations can be made to a charity of your choice.

elevated n1CiC Private Funeral Mass
Chapel of St. Joseph

elevated n1CiC Holy Cross Catholic Funeral Home
211 Langstaff Road East, Thornhill, ON, L3T 3Z6

elevated n1CiC Due to COVID, a private and restricted family service will be held on Tuesday, December 7 at 1:30 p.m.

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