elevated upDS1 June 18, 1932 – February 19, 2021

elevated upDS1 Giuseppe (Joe) Marando, born June 18, 1932 in Marina di Gioisoa Ionica, Reggio Calabria, Italy, passed peacefully at Mackenzie Richmond Hill Hospital on the evening of February 19, 2021.

elevated upDS1 Joe liked a good story. He liked telling them. He liked watching them, from his great big chair. He liked the kind of movie where the good guy beats the bad; where the princess finds the prince; where a dream turns into reality. Maybe he watched them to be entertained. Maybe he watched them because he saw himself in the stories.

elevated upDS1 The brave young adventurer who sails across an ocean. That was him. He did that. The handsome romantic who found true love and never let go. That was him. He did that too. The self-starter who turns a small business into opportunity for his children and his children’s children. That was him as well. The tinkering inventor. The abstract artist. The wise old author. The loving husband, father, grandfather, and great-grandfather. That was him.

elevated upDS1 He carried a family on his shoulders. From a field in a small corner of the Mediterranean to lecture halls, town halls, boardrooms, and dinner tables filled with food and laughter, he carried us. He was made for it. His shoulders were broad, and his hazel eyes always seemed set on some distant point– a horizon we were all destined for. He believed in destiny. He believed that the world had a purpose for him. He believed that he lived that purpose. Quite an adventure. Quite a story.

elevated upDS1 He will be met by his treasured son Tony Marando, as well as his parents Domenico Marando and Maria Teresa Marando. He will be missed by his adored wife of nearly sixty-five years Teresa; his beloved children Carmine and Emily, Domenic and Darlene, Rosanne, and Frank and Marianne; his cherished grandchildren Adam and Christina, Dylan and Elise, Phillip, Joey and Sara, Nicole, Victoria, Joshua, Reid, and Luke; as well as his darling great-grandchildren Madalena and Marco. A funeral mass will take place on Tuesday, February 23, 2021 at 1:30pm. The mass can be viewed at https://www.catholic-cemeteries.ca/obituary/joseph-marando/. Memorial contributions may be made to Mackenzie Health Foundation (www.mackenziehealthfoundation.ca) or the Cardiology Division at Mount Sinai Hospital (www.supportsinai.ca).

elevated upDS1 Please feel free to view the mass on our live stream broadcast. The link will become active about 10 minutes before the service begins. 


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