elevated 2hUXy Lucia Morra (Lamanna) born March 16, 1934 passed away Wednesday ,December 9, 2020.   Lucia immigrated to Canada from Monteleone di Pugglia , Italy with her husband Luigi and two children Carmen and Laura.  They were joined by the arrival of two more daughters, Pierina and Gina. They took pride in becoming Canadian citizens and loved living in Toronto.  

elevated 2hUXy Lucia worked tirelessly; often working three jobs at the same time in order to purchase their dream home.  Her favourite job was working at Princess Margaret Hospital.  Lucia  brought a lot of joy to the staff and patients. You always knew when Lucia was around as you could hear her rambunctious laugh throughout the hospital.

elevated 2hUXy Lucia and Luigi left the workforce to live on a farm in Lindsey, Ontario raising a variety of livestock. At any given time they had over a 100 sheep and 200 lambs, cows and goats which is considered a lot of work among the farming community but they thought of it as a hobby.  Lucia milked the cows and sheep by hand and was known for making the best homemade mozzarella, parmesan and ricotta cheeses. They were very proud of their organic vegetable garden. Lucia and Luigi later moved to Newmarket, Ontario and continued their passion for farming. It was funny watching Lucia calling her 12 cats, dog and chickens to feed them. Lucia only had to call out Mickey and they all came running . She said it was much easier calling them all the same name.

elevated 2hUXy Lucia and Luigi enjoyed 40 years of travelling to their Florida home where they spent their winters and made many friends from all over the USA.   Lucia loved to dance and sing and would always be the first one on the dance floor and was so excited when she and Luigi won many dance competitions. She was so proud of her trophies.

elevated 2hUXy Following two major brain operations, Lucia lost her eyesight .  Lucia was truly an inspiration to all who met her. She never complained or became bitter. Although she couldn’t see her favorite tv shows she still continued to enjoy them . She loved playing along Jeopardy and Family Feud often getting angry when the contestants didn’t know the answers. It became a family joke that when Lucia was asked what show she wanted to listen to it was the Godfather (all three parts).  It was estimated that she saw this series at least 500 times. Lucia knew every line and what scene was next.  Lucia continued  to listen to her music, enjoyed the sounds of the farm animals and loved spending time with her family. Lucia was the glue that held her family together.

elevated 2hUXy Lucia had the loudest and most infectious laugh and had a passion for living. When Lucia was in hospital the staff were so impressed with her positive attitude. No matter what pain she was in she always said ‘I’m okay” .  She would always yell out “hee haw” when staff needed to move her.

elevated 2hUXy Mom although we know you will be spending Christmas with Jesus this year we can’t help wishing you were here to celebrate it with us.  Mom we will miss your beautiful smiles, hugs and the sound of your voice saying my name. I will miss you saying “I love you” and me saying “I love you in return”.

elevated 2hUXy Lucia will truly be missed by all her family and friends.

elevated 2hUXy Lucia is survived by her loving husband Luigi.  Children – Carmen (Sipi), Laura, Pierina and Gina. Her 9 grandchildren, Santino, Michael, Stephanie,  Lucille, Laura, Teena (Vince) Luigino (Shawna), Vincent (Natalie) Tony (Jennifer) and 10 great grandchildren -Anthony, Isabella , Sofia , Matteo, Giuliana, Domenic, Jorgina, Juliano, Alessandro and Juliana

elevated 2hUXy Daughter of Lucia and Lorenzo Lamanna (Predeceased) 

elevated 2hUXy Daughter-in-law of Lucia and Carmelo Morra (Predeceased). Loving sister, aunt, sister-in-law, cousin and friend

elevated 2hUXy In lieu of flowers, donations in memory of Lucia, Children’s Wish Foundation. https://makeawish.ca/donate

elevated 2hUXy Unfortunately Due to covid 19 restrictions, there will be a private family service on Wednesday, December 16, 2020 at 10:30 am. Click on link below to view the service.


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