elevated 4CQJY May 24, 1930 ~ May 28, 2023

elevated 4CQJY Visitation
Friday, June 2, 2023 at 4 – 8 pm
Holy Cross Catholic Funeral Home
211 Langstaff Road, East Thornhill, Ontario, L3T 3Z6

elevated 4CQJY Funeral Mass
Saturday, June 3, 2023 at 10:30 am
Chapel of St. Joseph at Holy Cross Catholic Funeral Home
211 Langstaff Road East, Thornhill, Ontario, L3T 3Z6

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elevated 4CQJY Entombment
Holy Family Mausoleum at Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery

elevated 4CQJY Obituary
It is with great sadness we inform you our dad Luigi Morra , born May 24,1930 to Lucia and Carmelo Morra in Monteleone, Foggia,  di Puglia, Italy passed away peacefully on May 28, 2023. Dad was considered to be one of the most handsomest lad in his town and quite the Casanova. He made sure he won the heart of the prettiest girl our mom Lucia. Mom was 16 and dad 20 when they were married. Dad had a dream he shared with his father. He told him he was immigrating to Canada to make a better life for his family. His father, a commanding man told dad that under no circumstances would he be allowed to return to Italy if he wasn’t successful.  On June 26 1956, with a tiny suitcase, our dad took his young wife, his 4 year old son Carmelo and his 2 year old daughter Laura to Canada. Upon arriving in Toronto, due to a miscommunication no one was there to meet them.  Looking around at the millions of people at the airport and speaking no English, Dad was devastated worrying about the safety of his family.   Dad looked at our mother and vowed he would never trust anyone ever again and said that going forward they would only rely on each other.  Dad came with $100.00 and after paying the cab fare he had little left over. They rented a bedroom in a relative’s home however it became very stressful. The owner often threatened eviction if dad couldn’t control his two year old daughter and four year old son from running around!  Due to the constant worry, Dad and mom worked tirelessly, many times working 3 jobs simultaneously and at midnight went out with most of the immigrants picking worms for the fishing industry.   They bought their first home in Toronto and purchased their first car a 1955 Pontiac. They said you couldn’t imagine the pride they felt coming from a country where they rode a donkey to driving their first car and living in their own home.  It was difficult living among a predominantly Anglo community but it didn’t prevent them from embracing this beautiful country.  It was a joyous accomplishment when they became Canadian citizens and were able to vote.  Our parents made many sacrifices in order to pay off their mortgage and eventually purchased several additional homes becoming landlords. In 1957 our sister Pierina was born and in 1962 our beloved sister Gina joined the Morra family.  Dad was the youngest of his siblings and dreamed of bringing them to Canada. It was a proud time when he was able to sponsor most of them and their families. At any given time at least three families lived in our home.

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Dad ensured he took his family to all the major attractions – Centre Island, Ontario place, Niagara Fall, the Exhibition and every weekend trips to woodbine beach.   He wanted his children to experience everything he was unable to do growing up in Italy. However dad and mom never forgot their roots and instilled in their children their wonderful Italian heritage.  We went to all the Italian festivals where our parents sang in a folk band. Our parents were fabulous dancers winning many trophies.  Our dad had the most beautiful green eyes that lit up his face when he smiled. Dad lived with an infectious enthusiasm, filled with incredible wisdom.  When he laughed often times tears would roll down his face, you would laugh with him even if you didn’t know why he was laughing.

elevated 4CQJY Dad left the construction industry and was hired as a custodian for the Catholic school board eventually promoted to supervisor.  It was challenging for him with his limited English and education. Tired of working in a political environment, at the ripe old age of 40 dad and mom quit their jobs and purchased their first farm raising hundreds of cows, sheep, lambs, chickens, and mom’s many cats all called Mickey. You would always see dad on his tractor followed by his Italian sheep Dogs – Al Capone, Pastor, Contessa and Cavalier.  Mom milked the cows and sheep by hand and together they made all their home made ricotta, Parmesan and mozzarella. Every weekend they filled up the truck and dad drove to Toronto to sell, cheeses, eggs, meat and vegetables. They were so successful that they were able to purchase their home in Florida.   They were ecstatic to be considered snow birds spending the winters there and making a lot of American friends.   They were thrilled to take their grandchildren to Disney, Epcot centre, bush gardens and explore the many beautiful beaches.  It was a wonderful experience to wake up every day picking our own oranges, grapefruits and lemons from our parent’s backyard.

elevated 4CQJY My dad’s motto was everyone should eat clean and green every day. Our parents were organic farmers before it became popular growing amazing vegetables and canning all their own tomato sauce, hot peppers, etc. they were so proud of making their homemade wine.  Our parents loved farming. Farming is a passion. It requires strong mind, big heart and profound patience. Working long hours, under harsh conditions with unpredictable prices. They didn’t miss punching in a time card and loved waking up to the rooster crowing and the sounds of the cows and sheep instead of the alarm clock.  What better way to end a hard day’s work in the field to be greeted by mom’s homemade pasta, a bottle of wine, and finishing the even listening to their beautiful Italian music often times dancing by the moonlight.

elevated 4CQJY Our parents were married for 70 years before our mom died and that’s when dad started to lose his zest for life.  He missed his beloved Lu and a part of his heart died with her. Our dad was fearless and was never afraid of anyone or anything. However, none of his disappointments could compare with life’s greatest tragedies, the loss of his youngest daughter, our beautiful sister Gina. Dad told us he had a fabulous life always doing everything he wanted, lucky enough to always carry lots of cash in his pocket and was privileged enough to marry the love of his life.  He was blessed to raise 4 children resulting in 9 grandchildren and 11 great grandchildren.  He said he had no regrets and at 93 was ready to be with our mom and Gina. He told us not to mourn his passing because now he was at peace and ready for his next adventure.   Dad said he wanted to die in his field with the sun on his face surrounded by the smell of hay and the sound of his animals.  He said he will continue riding his tractor in Heaven, herding his sheep and when we hear a rooster crow to remember him.  Dad always said do what you love it will make you always smile and our parents loved farming. Farming taught Dad patience, hope, courage and a strong work ethic.

elevated 4CQJY Dad, you were hard working, a man who paved the way for your children to have as their reality a life you could only dream of when you were a kid.

elevated 4CQJY Dad, we love you so much and miss you already.   

elevated 4CQJY In our father’s memory, please support your local farmers.

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