elevated 5eT43 December 11, 1919 – August 23, 2019

elevated 5eT43 Graveside Service

elevated 5eT43 Saturday September 14, 2019 at 12:00 p.m.  

elevated 5eT43 Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery, Section 11

elevated 5eT43 Reception

elevated 5eT43 Reception to follow at Holy Cross Catholic Funeral Home (Located on the same property as Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery)

elevated 5eT43 Life Story

elevated 5eT43 Mary is known by many people at the Waterford as the lady who encourages the knitting of Izzy Dolls for children who receive Humanitarian Medical Kits in “third world countries”. Mary came to the Waterford about 10 years ago when there were approximately 40 residents here, in the early days!

elevated 5eT43 Mary’s parents came to Canada from Malta in early 1900, moved to Toronto and raised 5 children. Malta is an Island in the Mediterranean Sea between Sicily and North Africa and has been of interest to many European countries over the years. It is now a popular tourist spot for Europeans.

elevated 5eT43 Mary married and she and her husband moved to North York at a time when all areas north of Bloor St. in Toronto were farmland and soldiers were coming home to build houses and start families. Mary and her husband had one son, Allan. Mary has a granddaughter named Cindy and a Great Grandson named Michael.

elevated 5eT43 Mary was always doing her friends hair, while playing cards, so her friends suggested Mary should get her license which she did from the Marvel Hairdressing School. Mary was a great saver and had put her son’s baby bonus away. She used the money along with some help from the Bank and relatives to open a brand new salon with her friend Jean in “Thorncrest Village”. They called it “Gina-Mari”. It became very successful and when she sold it she made sure she repaid Allan the money. Mary and her second husband, Allister, who was a real gem, bought a house in Etobicoke. Mary got a job at Christmas time working for the Hudson Bay Department Store. She ended up staying on and worked there for 20 years. When Allister and Mary retired in 1981, they moved to Sandy Cove and spent their winters in Florida.

elevated 5eT43 Mary’s suggestions for a rewarding retirement 1) have some goals 2) keep busy 3) have some fun! Mary works on the milk bag mats, joins the Monday Melodies and aims to knit 2 Izzy dolls a day. She has helped with the production of some 9000 dolls sent from the Waterford over the years.

elevated 5eT43 Thank you Mary, for taking the time with me and best wishes always.

elevated 5eT43 Humanitarian Medical Kits Contain Essential Lifesaving Medicines, 12 Izzy Dolls in every kit. They need 12000 Dolls every year. Close to 100,000 children have received Izzy dolls in more than 100 countries.

elevated 5eT43 “Its such a neat and concrete way of offering your time and skills for a little child”.

elevated 5eT43 Betty Cawley

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