elevated aOZEX We regretfully announce the death of Roger Alexander Bertrand on Sunday, February 4, 2024 at the age of 82. He was born on the 8th of May, a birthday he shared with his love and muse, Stephanie, his wife of more than 62 years

elevated aOZEX From humble beginnings, he came into the world in Pembroke, Ontario across the river from the family seat, Fort Coulonge, Quebec, His parents, Rene and Ida, raised him to be a man of tremendous character. Most would say his mother was responsible for his charismatic nature and sense of loyalty and his father for instilling an unwavering pride of family and a strong work ethic. All would agree though, that meeting his life partner Stephanie, at a CYO dance at 16 set the stage for a lifetime of adventure and accomplishments.

elevated aOZEX Rene and Ida arrived in Toronto in the 1940s. The family moved continually, buying and converting houses on Carlton St. and Roxbourgh, Rosedale and Jamieson Avenues into rooming houses. As an only child surrounded by large French Canadian families, Roger spent his early years with his six cousins who were like brothers and sisters. His cousin Don became his best friend and these relationships endured for a lifetime.

elevated aOZEX With success, life slowed, and Roger was enrolled in St. Michael’s College, a dance step closer to Stephanie, who attended Lorreta Abby. His pride and joy was a 1953 blue Pontiac Chieftan, which did not survive the first year of marriage.

elevated aOZEX Roger’s parents left the city and opened Rogers Motel in Smith Falls, Ontario. Roger lived with his Aunt Lillian during his short courtship with Stephanie. The positive impact she had on him, further defined his commitment to family and can’t be overstated.

elevated aOZEX Life changed quickly when Roger proposed to Stephanie Clarke, and on May 6th, 1961, at 19 and 20, they were married. Less than a year later, they started their family with the arrival of Michael (Wendy), followed by Greg and their daughter, Nicole. An opening at Honeywell Systems introduced Roger to a lifelong mentor Bob Smith and launched him on an extraordinary career in sales and later management. His natural way with people, confidence, sense of humour and, of course, his famous ability as a raconteur in two languages contributed immensely.

elevated aOZEX During the 1972 FLQ Crisis, Roger was transferred from Dollard Des Ormeaux to Mississauga, where he and Stephanie settled and established some of there lifes closest friendships with neighbours on Stillmeadow Ave. Roger started a plastic fabrication business, his first and least successful foray as an entrepreneur, but it was overshadowed by meeting what became two of his closest friends, Ken Irwin and Phil Georgas. Drawn to corporate life and clearly guided by Stephanie, Roger accepted a position with an American conglomerate, Illinois Tool Works.

elevated aOZEX At ITW he rose through the ranks to become Country Manager of France. Success opened new doors, and Roger, Stephanie and Nicole embarked on a life-changing adventure as expats in Paris and Singapore. Roger’s role offered the opportunity to travel to Australia and every Asian country. Mike and Greg enjoyed summers during University with the family in Asia. Promoted to Sr. VP of International Operations life as expats continued as Roger and Stephanie moved to Boston, and traveled the world. Years they returned to Mississauga and his entrepreneurial roots. He entered a partnership and became the CEO of Carrier Systems, an electrical parts manufacturer in the burgeoning cell phone industry.

elevated aOZEX Closer to their families, Roger and Stepanie embraced being Grampa and Gran to their 11 grandchildren and were incredibly active in the lives of Nicholas, Alexander, Amy, Samantha, Joshua, Cameron, Maxwell, Addison, Lauren, Douglas and Ian. Never missing school graduations, they hosted countless family events and holidays and supported and encouraged all their grandkids with activities, organizing summer golf camps, going to Christmas plays and hosting dinners and overnights.

elevated aOZEX At 60, Roger sold the company to Schneider Electric and, with Stephanie, embarked on what would be the final phase of an incredible journey together. They spent winters in Naples, Florida, golfing and close to Angela Charlton, Stephanie’s sister and her husband John, Rogers’s only inlaws.

elevated aOZEX Summers were spent in Muskoka, where Roger and Stephanie began building what would become the North Star of their family, the cottage on Gull Lake. The place where generations of the family gathered, memories were created, and life values were handed down.

elevated aOZEX Traditions found roots at “The Lake” and were instilled in their grandkids, especially Thanksgiving, with tables set for 20 or more. From the youngest to the oldest, each person stood to give thanks and more often than not, they were most thankful for the love and support of family. We like to say that it was the place where, “when you had to go, they had to take you.”

elevated aOZEX It goes without saying but is worth repeating that Dad was a “larger than life” character. Never far from a glass of red wine or a fine scotch in his earlier days and the company of friends, new or old, at the rail of the nearest pub.

elevated aOZEX Dad loved his “Vettes”. The first, a 1972 red Corvette Stingray, his baby. The other a 1970 Greavette classic wooden boat. You couldn’t miss Dad on water or land cruising around Gravenhurst singing along with a Willy Nelson hit. Dad could dance, and his renowned move, “the Fort Cologne Lunge”, has never been copied to this day. But it was the Jive with Mom, that first won her heart or at least made her notice him, and over the years, tore up countless dance floors.

elevated aOZEX Bars, country music, bravado and charm may have, without the unwavering guidance of Mom, led Dad to a different destiny. His other true talent and calling… pool shark! A rich dichotomy in character and life, a man who lived and offered so many life lessons, guided by character and duty, it will always ring true for those who knew him well…the parties over, and the buck stops here!

elevated aOZEX We would like to extend a warm thank you to the Trillium Hospital, palliative care team. Special thank you to Dr. Hung and his assistant, Michelle.

elevated aOZEX In lieu of flowers, please consider a donation in Roger’s name to the Dementia and Alzheimer’s Society (www.alz.org) or Ian Anderson House (www.ianandersonhouse.com).

elevated aOZEX Funeral Mass
St. Christopher Roman Catholic Church
1171 Clarkson Rd N, Mississauga, ON L5J 2W1

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