elevated qGYEG It is with deep sorrow and much love that we mourn the passing of Domenico Tarcisio Bottussi, at the age of 87 on Monday, April 26, 2021.  Loving husband of Licia Bottussi. Cherished father of Richard and Annalisa and her husband Ivano.  Devoted and proud Nonno of Sabrina and her husband Mike, and David and his wife Giuliana. Proud Bis-Nonno of Leonardo and Diana.  Tarcisio will forever be remembered by his siblings, nieces, nephews and family in Italy, and many friends both here in Canada and in Italy. 

elevated qGYEG Tarcisio was born on August 11, 1933 in Gris, Udine, Italy.  Beloved son of the late Riccardo and Zita.

elevated qGYEG Due to current Covid 19 restrictions there will be a private family Funeral Mass and Interment on Saturday, May 1, 2021. 

elevated qGYEG In lieu of flowers donations in Tarcisio’s honour may be made to Villa Colombo Toronto or the  Alzheimer’s Society.  

elevated qGYEG Nonno Tarcisio’s Euology

elevated qGYEG Sabrina and David have written a few words that they would like me to share with everyone today.

elevated qGYEG Nonno Tarcisio was a gentle, kind hearted, wise, intelligent and loving man. He always had a smile on his face and was always ready to make you smile. His presence was unmatched, and he was one of the most genuine people we will ever know.  We can still picture him always smiling and beaming ear to ear when he would see us. Nonno always knew something about everything and could always fix a belt or shoe.  His trademark was a shirt with a pocket where he could hold his toothpick. 

elevated qGYEG He loved his grandchildren and we would look forward to visits and spending time with Nonno.

elevated qGYEG When we were younger, we would always spend a few days during our Christmas Holidays and March Break with our Nonni either going out for lunch or taking us to the mall to purchase a reading book, and when we turned 19, he took us to the casino for the first time. Nonno came to watch a lot of David’s hockey games and would always take him power skating after school on Wednesday afternoons. However, his favorite sport to watch was David  playing soccer as he was an avid Serie A soccer fan and would never miss a Sunday match or La Domenica Sportiva post game analysis.  Nonno also loved the WWE, and we would sit and watch with him just to spend time together. 

elevated qGYEG Nonno loved reading and learning about current events in the world. He would habitually get a copy of the daily newspaper and when he was finished with that, he would move onto his National Geographic magazines.  Every Sunday at our weekly dinners, he would have the Sunday comics waiting for us on his coffee table and we could laugh about the Charlie Brown or Garfield clips together.   He was always a great source of information for us, especially when we would work on school research projects – you could say he was like our own private internet. We always knew we could count on Nonno to have some sort of analysis or literature on the topic we were studying. Whether it be an encyclopedia, the annual National Geographic publication, or an article, he would have it.  He was also always able to incorporate a map into our research, and pretty much had a map for every part of the world.  He just knew where every road and place was on a map!  However, when it came to World War II, that was his specialty. I remember when I was taking a World War II course in University, my Nonno and I had an in-depth discussion on the most important battles and the key events, and I couldn’t believe how much knowledge and accurate information he had right from the top of his head. This shouldn’t have come as a surprise to me though, as Nonno was an intellectual man. He would always say that’s why he lost his hair, because it was a sign of intelligence.

elevated qGYEG Nonno was a great card player and would enjoy going to the Fame Furlane club on Wednesday afternoons to play cards with his buddies and fellow Alpini comrades. He would proudly display his prized trophies he won beside pictures of his grandchildren. He also had a passion for bowling and would show us his bowling ball alongside those trophies as well.  He enjoyed going to all the outings and trips that were organized for all the club members, as well as the various luncheons and dinner dances. He would have stories to tell and jokes he heard at these events, but Nonna on the other hand would tell us how much fun she had dancing with Nonno. Nonno would never talk about the dancing but deep down we knew he loved it too.  Nonna would always grab Nonno and dance with him in the family room and hallway. Nonno would cut it short but we could tell how much he truly enjoyed her silliness.  We all have fond memories of Nonna complaining that Nonno would never compliment her food or cake and would just say “Nah”.  We knew he did this purposely and deep down would laugh about it because he loved her cooking as much as we did.  They were sweethearts just like the plaque Nonna proudly displayed in the hallway.  Their love for each other was something we all admired and looked up to. Nonna would tap Nonnos head and kiss him and Nonno would chuckle because he loved her so much too.  This was true love which we loved to see and our memories which we will hold forever.    Visiting them was our safe place and would make our hearts warm to just spend time with these two.

elevated qGYEG One of Nonno’s favourite past times in the summer was tending to his garden. He would start to grow his own tomato seedlings in the winter from the previous year’s crop and plant them in the spring. He loved to show off his vegetables and fruit trees when we would go visit on Sundays.  He would explain how he grafted his pear tree and teach how that was even a thing we thought was unimaginable.  He would keep us informed on what plants were doing well and what that blasted squirrel had ruined. In the late summer we would make sauce from the tomatoes, and like all other Italian families, we had our own process and secrets, that made ours better than anyone else’s.  Nonno had a love for birds we will never forget.  On one Sunday visit, Nonno had put out seeds for the winter birds and was so proud 12 cardinals had come to his feeder.  That was a sight for us all.  He would always grab his binoculars and point out the squirrels and birds in the far distance.  We loved those binoculars and thought they were the coolest thing ever. 

elevated qGYEG On some Sundays Nonno would pull out his harmonica and let us test it out.  He would play us songs as we would laugh.  We were never as good as he was but we tried.  Today, your three year old great grandson,  Leo, plays with this harmonica and  blows proudly as he makes noise.  When he gets older and understands more we will explain to him the legend of your harmonica.    

elevated qGYEG  

elevated qGYEG When we were  kids, Nonno told us that the most important thing in life, is time. Looking back I don’t think I truly understood the implications of that, however as I have become older I’ve begun to realize what he meant and just how sacred it is. It is something that is finite for everyone as each person is put on this Earth with a limited supply of it. We cannot buy more of it and once it is used you can never get it back. No one knows how much they have or when their time will run out. We must make the most of moments we are in and decide how we are to best utilize the time we have.

elevated qGYEG For Nonno his time was spent most importantly with his family. He loved us very much and taught us the importance of making time for family. I think Nonno would say he lived a full life and would agree he spent his time wisely.  We are happy and proud to have been able to call you Nonno.  You taught us so much and always encouraged us to do well in our studies and continue onto university.  I hope you are proud of us.

elevated qGYEG We will forever miss our Nonno but our memories of him will always remain in our hearts.  Today we don’t want to say goodbye but rather see you later.  We will love you forever.

elevated qGYEG Mandi Nonno we love you

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