elevated Ji0Tr Wai Har (Winnie) passed away peacefully at the age of 87 surrounded by her loving son and daughter at Mount Sinai Hospital on December 12th, 2020 at 5:40am. She is deeply missed by her beloved daughter Kar Mei (Jacqueline), son Kar Keung (Herbert), son-in-law James, daughter-in-law Julia, grandchildren Jennifer and Vince, relatives, and friends.

elevated Ji0Tr She will always be remembered as a very kind-hearted, caring, hardworking and loving mother. She was a very dedicated teacher who cared so much for her students. She was a very knowledgeable, creative, independent and organized woman. Throughout her life, she fell in love with music and social dance where she lifted the spirits and touched so many people. She will be greatly missed by everyone.

elevated Ji0Tr In lieu of flowers, a donation to Mon Sheong Foundation Fund Allocation to the 36 D’Arcy Home for the Aged in memory of Wai Har Ng is appreciated.

elevated Ji0Tr Donations:

elevated Ji0Tr https://monsheong.akaraisin.com/ui/donations/donations/start?it=1&amt=50