elevated eRB9O January 18, 1930 ~ August 13, 2021

elevated eRB9O Funeral Mass

elevated eRB9O Saturday, September 18, 2021 – Chapel of St. Joseph,

elevated eRB9O Holy Cross Catholic Funeral Home, 211 Langstaff Rd E

elevated eRB9O Current maximum is 30 attendees

elevated eRB9O Click Here to Stream – Stream will begin at 11:50 a.m.

elevated eRB9O Final Place of Rest

elevated eRB9O Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery – Following mass

elevated eRB9O Memorial Donations

elevated eRB9O Canadian Cancer Society or CNIB

elevated eRB9O Obituary

elevated eRB9O A love letter to our mom, Wanda Jadwiga Jarosz, who passed away peacefully on August 13, 2021 at 91 years of age.

elevated eRB9O Dearest mom,
What a life you have lived.  You were born into a loving family in Poland, with two older siblings – Danuta and Edward, both deceased now. Your life was brutally disrupted by a war which saw you separated from your family when your mother and sister were sent to Siberia, while you stayed with an aunt in the country. For six years you did not see or hear from them. At the end of the war your father, who had worked tirelessly first in the Polish secret police and then in the Polish army, arranged a harrowing and dangerous escape for you, and, almost miraculously, you were reunited with your parents and siblings in England. From there you all came to Canada, to a house on Abbot Avenue, in Toronto. You met and married Eugene Jarosz, who had also come to Canada from Poland after the war. Three children followed: Ludwik, Barbara and Evelina. Sadly, in one of the harsh tragedies of your life, “Ludi” was taken from you by a motorcycle accident.

elevated eRB9O But although life dealt you many tragedies you also had many happy adventures that we were privileged to be part of. You took many yearly trips to California and Florida to visit, tour, and make pierogi with “Evi’s” family. Evi and Harry drove you all over several states, to see scenery, famous sites, and all the good shopping places – you loved shopping so much. “Barb” marched you across Europe in two wonderful trips – to Poland, and then to England and Scotland where, at 80 years of age, you pulled a suitcase up a big hill in the rain because Barb was afraid of the taxi drivers. 

elevated eRB9O You gave us the gift of loving us unconditionally no matter how much we may have stressed you. No matter how many pets – birds, cats, dogs, horses – we introduced you to, you appeared to be happy to meet them, even though we suspected you were not. No matter what difficulties or discomforts or sadness you were facing, you put us first. Always. When grandchildren came, we were bumped to second place. How you loved your five grandchildren: Jonathan, Kathleen, Christopher, Carolyn, and Perry. For a time your home became a grandchild daycare centre, in which children grew and flourished in your constant love. When great grandchildren came we were bumped yet again to third place, and Venitia and Hunter were pulled into your loving hold. 

elevated eRB9O You lost your mother when your children were very young, you lost your husband after caring for him in his illness for several years, you lost your son, and you lost your granddaughter Kathleen, when she was just a young woman. Your incredible strength saw you through all of these tragedies. You faced your own, final illness with such calm, courage and strength. We were glad that you were never alone, that Barb was with you when you left us, so peacefully. 

elevated eRB9O We love you so much mom. It is not possible to thank you enough for the love and the life that you gave us. We will keep you in our hearts forever.

elevated eRB9O Your grateful daughters,
Barb and Evi.