elevated negHh October 30, 1940 ~ December 31, 2020

elevated negHh Due to Covid-19 restrictions there will be limited visitations, funeral mass and burial for family and friends only who have been specifically contacted.

elevated negHh Funeral Service
Saturday, January 9, 2021
Click here to watch a livestream of the Funeral Service beginning at 9:00 a.m.

elevated negHh Obituary

elevated negHh Letitia you came into this world 80 years ago. You have lived your life in silence but communicating with us in your own language and making us understand every sign you made. You were caring, you were resilient, you were strong, you were compassionate, you were loving, you endured life without a complaint. You touched whoever you met with your smile and warm personality.  This made you the person you were. 

elevated negHh One of our friends Wilma wrote:    

elevated negHh It is weird isn’t it, sad/glad time: 

elevated negHh Glad she went quickly and made a good age, 

elevated negHh Sad for the loss of the person, 

elevated negHh Glad her times with siblings, nieces, nephews, cousins and friends were filled with joy and laughter, 

elevated negHh Sad for no more opportunities to connect (better),

elevated negHh Glad there was no long road of suffering and slow painful goodbyes.

elevated negHh Sad because no time for goodbye at all.

elevated negHh  

elevated negHh If there was an example of how to live a life, Letitia you were the example. We shall forever be grateful for having you in our lives and being able to call our “Tisha”, our dearest eldest sister. Your passing has made a huge void in our lives, but time will fill it with beautiful memories of you. 

elevated negHh Look after us as you did in real life.  

elevated negHh Helen, Anne, Susan, Michael, John and Mark